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The Gaia Theory posits that the organic and inorganic components of Planet Earth have evolved together as a single living, self-regulating system. It suggests that this living system has automatically controlled global temperature, atmospheric content, ocean salinity, and other factors, that maintains its own habitability. In a phrase, “life maintains conditions suitable for its own survival.” In this respect, the living system of Earth can be thought of analogous to the workings of any individual organism that regulates body temperature, blood salinity, etc.


Walking 4,6 kilometres along the coast of Dartmouth, under a gorgeous weather, sunny at times helps us realise the age of the Earth: 4,600 million years. Life has taken a long time to develop, and humans haven’t come on to the picture only until recently. Gazing at the grandeur of the Sea, we see that the relation between Humans and the planet, that rather than a major…

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Gratitude for my lymphs…

It’s been almost a week that the lymph nodes in my throat started to swell up. I find it so fascinating when I get sick, because it happen very irregularly, but when it does happen it is never something ‘normal’ (last year it was a lung weaze-ing incident…). In between taking drops of oregano oil, zinc, ginger and licorice tea, sleeping, applying arnica oil, miso soup, creamy porridge, and wearing enough scarves at once to give me the support of a neck brace, I really had the amazing opportunity to feel and be thankful for all the different functions my throat has. Continue reading