Gratitude for my lymphs…

It’s been almost a week that the lymph nodes in my throat started to swell up. I find it so fascinating when I get sick, because it happen very irregularly, but when it does happen it is never something ‘normal’ (last year it was a lung weaze-ing incident…). In between taking drops of oregano oil, zinc, ginger and licorice tea, sleeping, applying arnica oil, miso soup, creamy porridge, and wearing enough scarves at once to give me the support of a neck brace, I really had the amazing opportunity to feel and be thankful for all the different functions my throat has.
Instead of getting upset about the pain that would sometimes be present when I swallowed, I was happy to feel bits of my throat I never knew had any feeling. Areas I never really knew existed, tissue I previously assumed were passive. So I wrote my throat a little love note:

I gloat about my throat, with this love note I wrote.
She’s the bearer of jewels, pendants and stones,
but she’s not an inhabitant of scarves alone.
Her incredible strength, so silently active,
her active silence so interconnected.
A vase full of flowers, the pillar of my thoughts, the river that connects my words to my heart.
The pivotal pivot point for personal panoramic pictures – much less cumbersome than a tripod and camera.
She’s the magical passage that transports all elements of life.
Food from the earth, the wind of my soul, dear throat you help to make all I do whole.
You welcome the water I steep my tea in, and you never judge the fire I can steep my words in.
The swelling is a sign of thinking that’s stuck, clogged with ideas all covered in muck. I promise to heal you with love and with flow, to speak with more beauty, so beauty can grow.

With love 🙂


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