Thoughts from the Garden

If everyday we wake up with a story about who we are, identifying ourselves with actions we have done in the past, we are setting terms and conditions on ourselves. And often unconsciously, if we don’t live up to those labels throughout the day, we don’t feel like ourselves, or feel less than ourselves, incomplete or maybe as though we’ve failed in some way. During an acupuncture appointment last week, my dr. asked what if we woke up every morning free to discover who we are that day? What if we let go of all the neatly formed ideas of ourselves we’ve imposed and instead of using the day to full fill these self imposed requirements, we opened up to new possibilities? It made me think of this new identity I have of being a song writer, and how I have noticed personal pressure about how often I should write a song, and how long is too long to go without having new material. Or believing that because I have written songs on one day, that should mean I have the knowledge and power to write a song any day. But to be honest it isn’t like that for me, and sometimes I laugh at the fact that I have no idea how to write songs, in the sense that I have no formula or recipe from which to follow. And when I try and force something to come, it’s like engaging in a battle, and I am not being true to myself in that moment. For me this is also the importance of listening and following your intuition, because it can be understood that intuition is actually a mirror reflecting the person you are that day, or maybe just in that moment. And maybe if we all learned to listen to ourselves better, acknowledge the inherent wisdom in our bodies, and stopped fighting to be a certain way, then we’d all be giving peace her proper chance…

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