Waking Up in London…and the Northern Alberta Forests!

I was sent this link by my friend Joe who organized the first music and poetry night for Wake Up London, and has recently put on another evening –


This year I am not in the UK to sing to an incredibly receptive audience, who shows their appreciation with silent hand waving at the end of each song as opposed to thunderous clapping.  I hope I never forget the feeling this gave me, like an uncontrollable smile poured over my whole body as silence followed but the energy in the room was so full and moving over everyone as they shook their hands and smiled towards me, in the light of a few candles.

Currently I am singing with the spruce and pine trees, the white throated sparrows and fresh new yellow butterflies of the wild Alberta forests.  Sleeping in my tent, and cooking for a group of amazing tree planters from a propane and generator powered cook shack!


The Cook Shack and Mess Tent set up in the middle of the woods.


An Eagle’s Nest


Living with and loving the Black Bears


Surrounded by Beauty – Tree Planters walking to their land to plant trees.


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