Seeking the dynamic feminine: A chain of thoughts on women, nature, power, magic and feminist men

Loving the Earth through experience and thought – this is an incredibly beautiful reflection.

Mama Africa

During a project planning meeting the other day, we were designating names to different groups of stakeholders. One group was women from the age of 20 to 25. I suggested that we call them young women. However, there was some debate over whether or not this age group would be considered “women”. At the age of 21, I consider myself to be a young woman. But in Uganda, the majority of people consider a girl to enter womanhood once she produces a child. This made me consider just how dynamic the term “woman” is and question how different societies designates who a “woman” is and what this means for those societies and our earth as a whole.

Although I have much to learn, I’ve gathered that generally in the Buganda region of Uganda being a woman is associated with holding a specific role in society. Family life and fertility are…

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