The Post Modern Love Song Jam @ Bay Horse Totnes!

Playing an original at an open jam in Totnes – back up singing, super supporter and videographer Juju in the background. This night made me want to be in a band.  Back in the UK for a couple weeks, should see if these guys are still around!  Enjoy…especially the part where I forgot the words, hahaha.



2 thoughts on “The Post Modern Love Song Jam @ Bay Horse Totnes!

  1. I absolutely loved it, the trumpet is a real nice addition. makes me miss you more. love you so much, very proud of you, your biggest fan, your momma !!

  2. Hey Kelsey:

    Were you playing at the Bay Horse tonight?? or did you just post the clip tonight. sorry i missed it either way. really nice with the trumpet.

    i’m in Totnes now in a flat above the waterside bistro on The Plains across from 7 Stars. My friend leaves on Tuesday at lunch. I’m going to have lunch with Gill but will be free later and all day wednesday until my next friend arrives at 6pm.

    I have lots of room in my flat, so I was thinking it would be nice to have a pot luck dinner with whoever is around on Tuesday night. i bumped into Ally and Max at the health food store and mentioned it to her. who else is around? Juliana? Ruth? Is Paola around? Tilley and Mirella?

    Are you staying at the college? Let me know if Tuesday night works. Wed morning or afternoon also works for me.

    See you soon. Kathy >

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