Seeking the dynamic feminine: A chain of thoughts on women, nature, power, magic and feminist men

Loving the Earth through experience and thought – this is an incredibly beautiful reflection.

Mama Africa

During a project planning meeting the other day, we were designating names to different groups of stakeholders. One group was women from the age of 20 to 25. I suggested that we call them young women. However, there was some debate over whether or not this age group would be considered “women”. At the age of 21, I consider myself to be a young woman. But in Uganda, the majority of people consider a girl to enter womanhood once she produces a child. This made me consider just how dynamic the term “woman” is and question how different societies designates who a “woman” is and what this means for those societies and our earth as a whole.

Although I have much to learn, I’ve gathered that generally in the Buganda region of Uganda being a woman is associated with holding a specific role in society. Family life and fertility are…

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“If you want to…

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” Antoine de St Expury

How do we teach that longing?  How do we open up to that longing within us?  Go outside, and pause, and look around and breath in the world around – when I do this I realize how much my lungs have longed for that freshness of the air, and more specifically longed for me to recognize how important (and blessed I am) to live in a place with fresh air – Superior air quality (thanks Lake Superior!).

Working as a Teaching Assistant the past few months on a course called Land Relations and Ecological Literacy, I have reinforced the love I have for exciting people and reminding us all of the immensity of the sea within us; the endless universe that exists as our whole self; the space within that creates the space around.

As I sat by the lake last night watching for shooting stars and noticing O’Ryan walking across the sky, I was thankful to reflect on the snowy winter season that surrounds me – all wrapped up in a headband, toque and parka hood, I found it a bit difficult to listen to the water and move my head around to gaze at all the stars: then I thought, well actually maybe this is the season that reminds me to listen to my heart and the sounds within, which can never be muffled, no matter how many layers I need to wear to keep warm.  

And there are moments, like at my friend’s recent birthday party, where you throw your parkas off under the starry sky at minus 20 below and have a dance party in the snow – that too is listening 🙂

Is there anything sweeter than dancing with the beat of your heart, and hearts of so many beautiful people? I guess I’ll have to keep listening to know 🙂


Gaian Folk inspired by Gaia Theory 🙂

Holistic Science Diaries

The Gaia Theory posits that the organic and inorganic components of Planet Earth have evolved together as a single living, self-regulating system. It suggests that this living system has automatically controlled global temperature, atmospheric content, ocean salinity, and other factors, that maintains its own habitability. In a phrase, “life maintains conditions suitable for its own survival.” In this respect, the living system of Earth can be thought of analogous to the workings of any individual organism that regulates body temperature, blood salinity, etc.


Walking 4,6 kilometres along the coast of Dartmouth, under a gorgeous weather, sunny at times helps us realise the age of the Earth: 4,600 million years. Life has taken a long time to develop, and humans haven’t come on to the picture only until recently. Gazing at the grandeur of the Sea, we see that the relation between Humans and the planet, that rather than a major…

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