Compost Song

When life gets a little stressful, get some bio-dynamic preps and make a pile of compost – layers of carbon and nitrogen, soaked with water, thatched with straw and cared for homeopathically – giving love to the source, to yourself 🙂


Oh Love – Wake Up London Song and Poetry night :)

After a beautiful day practising the art of Mindfulness with the monastics from Plum Village, we said thanks to them by singing and reading poetry at the Friend’s Meeting House in Trafalgar Square. Beautiful people, vegan food, and words shared from the soul – a Mindful Saturday night!

Singing at the Miracle Cafe

At night when the slugs take over the walking trails, dedicated individuals are needed to save them from the weight of a bicycle tire – that’s where Joseph and I came in…

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I came into London with my beloved to join the Heart of London Sangha – my first time as a part of this lovely group of people. I had my guitar on my back, a trusty little travel Martin that was given to me by my soul brother Joseph (love to you), and as I walked in Gerry, one of the facilitators saw it and asked “Are you going to sing for us?!” and I happy replied “I would love to :)” (can you quote a smiley face?). At the end of the practice, he caught my eye and asked if I was still interested, and I played for everyone a song I like to call “The Post Modern Love Song”. It was so perfect bringing music into that space, I was so happy to have Jo (my guitar) there with me.
It was from sharing that song in the Sangha that one of the woman called me up and passed some recordings I have onto the organizer of The Miracle Cafe. And now I am in London looking out from the Tate Modern, looking forward to singing in front of those attending The Miracle Cafe tonight.
The amazing connections that have recently happened to have me arrive at this beautiful moment, as with all moments in life, amaze me. Can’t wait to share my love of Gaia through songs ~ hopefully soon I’ll figure how to share them with you on wordpress.