I Am Free

“I Am Free” Plum Village cover


La Luna Cafe hosted an evening of music in early December where I played to a beautiful crowd of Nipigon, ON locals…Nipigonians?

A little throw back to my friends at Wake Up and Plum Village!  A Kirtan favourite these days in Thunder Bay, ON.



The Post Modern Love Song Jam @ Bay Horse Totnes!

Playing an original at an open jam in Totnes – back up singing, super supporter and videographer Juju in the background. This night made me want to be in a band.  Back in the UK for a couple weeks, should see if these guys are still around!  Enjoy…especially the part where I forgot the words, hahaha.


how to be alone – tanya davis

Last night in Edmonton, Alberta, Tanya Davis made my heart swim in a sea of beautiful memories, which I can never repeat because they are mine to keep sweet, mine to tragically love and embrace, erase and retrace, and in the moments where there is no escape, like a poetry festival, openly face 🙂
Tanya thank you for “Ravish your lover while you still love her”. “How to be alone” is this video – Tanya is the poet laureate for Halifax, NS.

Belle Mamma

Belle Mamma

Learned and sung many times at Schumacher College when I was there as an MSc Student, I continued the tradition of sharing this song with the sangha of Lower Hamlet during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve retreat of 2012. Together we shared it with the whole Plum Village community as the ending performance to our New Year’s Eve celebrations, wrapping up the song with a Touching of the Earth, one of Plum Village’s many practices of mindfulness.